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ALY Spa is located in 556 Hai Ba Trung st., Hoi An Town, which was recognized one of the World Cultural Heritage in 1999 by UNESCO and is honourably ranked one of the Asian top ten interesting and attractive places in 2009. It will take you a few minutes to walk to Aly Spa from the town center.


Coming to Aly Spa you can enjoy your own pure oriental atmosphere, a real world with sublime emotion and wallowing yourselves in absolutely relaxing state. Different from other modern spas, Aly Spa with the bold orient we neither use modern machines nor cosmetic. We only use large sources of natural herbs together with skilled techniques combined with the traditional art of massage to make you release from ache and tiredness in the areas of your back and joints. With the movement of tugging your muscles, rehabilitating your health in order to dissolve the tiredness and recover the energy as well as the youthful spirit for yourselves, you will feel your hidden potentiality restored. It helps you discover the world of yourselves.


Aly Spa with professional, skillful and well-trained staff and being located in convenient location together with a pure Vietnamese atmosphere will make you never forget Hoi An where has Aly Spa even if you come to even once.