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The world's leading professional skin care brand. Dedicated to supporting and promoting Skin Health, through the expertise of a Professional Skin Therapist.


...Life is beautiful, and do you know that you are part of that beauty? Let us be your life’s beauty partners. Since founded in 2001, ICP has always positioned as a leading company in personal care and cosmetics. We take pride in the innovation, quality and performance of our products that add beauty to everyone’s life.  


Essential Oil Premium Gift Linen master Spa Accessories


Peal bright lightening cream Prorecare cream Aging solution cream
Perfect cover two way cake Length & curl mascara Perfume body wash


Type of product:

1. Product for Hair Treatment 

2. Product for Facial Treatment 

3. Product for Body Treatment

4. Product for Foot Treatment 


Strange of Product

1.To use high quality aroma product for treatment and relaxing within body, balancing, soften, smooth and reveal lightening skin.

2. Natural Extract can make softening skin without irritating skin problem.

3. Various Spa products are able to respond the need of customer perfectly.

4. Inexpensive product and suitable for customer.

5. New product researching and always product development in order to add line of product in spa.